About us

Villa Expert is a Dutch organisation, led by Nienke and Marcel Kamer. We work closely together with reputable Italian partners. Like us, these organisations have years of experience in renting out luxury accommodation to people who come for quality and hospitality.

Marcel Kamer

Marcel Kamer - Directeur


Villa Expert has the vision that the success of the holiday can only be realised when we deliver the house of your dreams, without unpleasant surprises, problems or unexpected ‘misunderstandings’. Therefore, we choose our houses very selectively and after careful research.


Villa Expert is located in Hilversum. However, we have established ourselves in Tuscany for two years, in order to be even closer to our offer and to expand it with more high-quality accommodations. Of course also because we, just like you, love this beautiful part of Italy and in this way could enjoy the culture, the landscape and the people optimally. Naturally, we will share with you as many tips, addresses and beautiful routes that we have discovered ourselves during this period.

VZR Garant

Our company is affiliated with VZR-Garant, a simple, transparent solution that allows organisations to comply with the obligation for a guarantee scheme – as set out in the Package Travel Directive – for both consumers and business travellers.

The trips published on this internet site are covered by the VZR-Garant guarantee. The VZR-Garant guarantee means that the (Dutch) consumer is assured of getting his or her prepaid travel money back if the other party is unable to fulfil the agreed consideration due to financial insolvency.
You can read VZR-Garant guarantee regulations here.


Villa Expert is a sister company of Comfortvilla, which has been renting out luxury villas in Catalonia for years. We know the wishes of our guests and how important it is to fulfil them.

Thanks to the good cooperation with our partners in Italy, we are also able to fulfil very special wishes. For example, we can arrange your wedding in Tuscany, but also wine tastings, balloon rides, bicycle tours, walking tours, cooking courses or fresco painting.


If you would like to know more about Villa Expert and its services, please feel free to contact us or send us an e-mail.
Our office can be reached during office hours on telephone number +31 (0)85-877 24 12.
Of course you can also e-mail us at: info@villaexpert.nl

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