Cooking workshop

Do you also love Italian food! In a cooking workshop you will learn the secrets of the typical Tuscan dishes, pick vegetables and herbs directly from the garden, learn to make a fresh paste and be surprised by the delicious flavours and aromas.

cooking workshop
cooking workshop

Wine and food are inseparable in Italy. There is actually no such thing as ‘the’ Italian kitchen. Each region, area, city and village has its own specialities and typical dishes. Together with the Italian attitude towards food and drink, this all forms ‘the Italian kitchen’.

The Sicilian kitchen, for instance, can be recognised by its Arabic influences, such as a number of spices and the use of sugar cane. The Sicilians have a dish called ‘cusucu’, which is similar to the Arabic couscous but made with fish instead of lamb. In the northern town of Trieste, you will find Austrian and Hungarian ingredients.

The pizza originates from Naples and the risotto from Milan. Nevertheless, there are some constants in Italian cuisine, such as the structure of a classic meal, the use of olive oil and a large number of ingredients.

We can organise this for you at various locations, or you can join a course. Contact us for prices and possibilities!

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